1,2,3... 100?

1,2,3... 100?
January 28th 2021 / 
Robin Hood

It's time for change. The terrible experience of the pandemic has offered us a chance for a meaningful change, for new policies to shape a better future for us all.

Finance fat cats and fossil fuel polluters cannot keep calling the shots. 

Their money and influence is a significant challenge. But people-powered campaigns can take on huge interests and win. Apartheid was ended, landmines banned, debt cancelled - together, mighty barriers can be overcome!


These industries should be contributing to support workers in our crucial health services and people on the frontlines of the droughts, storms and wildfires of our increasingly out-of-control climate. Robin Hood Taxes on financial transactions and fossil fuel extraction can make that happen.

But to take on the financial sector and fossil fuel companies, we need YOU. 


Your support is crucial. Thank you so much to everyone who generously donated in 2020, it is massively appreciated. Historically, we have received grants from trusts to fund our work. But as these have been affected by the pandemic we now need to strengthen our campaign with regular donations. 

We're asking for 100 people to become regular supporters of the Robin Hood Tax, to help us fight for justice. Will you?


Our plans include:

  • Building a coalition of organisations to condemn and challenge another austerity
  • Creating ground-breaking films about the need to financially support the people at the heart of the climate crisis 
  • Organising a global conference on having the wealthiest pay for post-Covid recovery
  • Recruiting parliamentary champions to advocate for Robin Hood Taxes


Can you help us achieve this, and more?

Thank you