25 Councils Calling for a UK Robin Hood Tax

25 Councils Calling for a UK Robin Hood Tax
September 5th 2013 / 
Robin Hood

So far Bassetlaw, Ceredigion, Corby, Doncaster, Ealing, Edinburgh, Great Yarmouth, Hastings, Hounslow, Lewisham, Islington, Lancaster, Lincoln, Liverpool, Mansfield, Middlesborough, Midlothian, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottinghamshire, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Southwark, Swansea, Torfaen are bringing Robin home.


During the last two months, almost 6000 of you have written to your local councillors urging them to call on the government for a UK-wide Robin Hood Tax. 

We are thrilled with our supporters’ response to the campaign so far. As a result, 26 councils have tabled and passed a motion calling to Bring Robin Home. These councils (who represent over 5 million Britons) have demonstrated clearly that they are concerned with the way that public service budgets are being slashed and feel that they are being offered no clear avenues for alternative funding from Westminster. 

And to make matters worse, the axe is falling heaviest on struggling districts, disproportionately affecting poorer communities. These are precisely the areas with the greatest need for publicly provided services. Poorer communities tend to rely on the public sphere more than the private (more likely to use NHS services than private healthcare, rely on social housing). 

Against the backdrop of public sector cuts, the banks (which caused the economic crisis) are once again enjoying record profits. Despite being bailed out for billions by the taxpayer, the financial sector has largely avoided having to clean up after the mess they've made: the British public have once again footed the bill. 

In response to this, the following councils are calling for a UK Robin Hood Tax: to mitigate against cuts in frontline services in their communities and to ensure the financial sector pays for the damage that it has caused the British economy and beyond.

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