Austerity Myths: Exposed!

Austerity Myths: Exposed!
February 9th 2021 / 
Robin Hood

Check out our new video with Positive Money on how to combat the media myths around austerity!

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Throughout this pandemic, children have gone hungry.

Hundreds of thousands have been pushed into poverty, and people trapped at the bottom of society have been forced to suffer the most damage during the crisis.

In the face of this, government spending to help people is starting to dry up. With the international aid budget slashed, far fewer people on furlough and a public sector pay freeze.

2021 may be the sequel to austerity no one wants to see.

COVID has shown us how much we need community support, healthcare and warm, safe homes. We need our public services more than ever.

But austerity is threatening to rear its ugly head for the second time in just over a decade.

It’s time to expose three big media myths about austerity, and to demand more spending from the government, not less.

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