Austerity Round 2

Austerity Round 2
November 26th 2020 / 
Robin Hood

We all want to live in a society where our health and security is protected. But yesterday's spending review sounded the starting gun of austerity.

We've gone from clap for carers, to cap for carers.

Public sector workers outside the NHS who have been carrying us all through this devastating time will have their pay frozen. [1]

The UK aid budget has been slashed. [2] This would be unacceptable at any time. But with countries struggling to manage the effects of this pandemic and an escalating climate crisis, cutting support for the world's poorest is beyond the pale.

The chancellor is sentencing six million households to lose over £1,000 in Universal Credit just when unemployment peaks and making £13 billion of cuts to planned spending. [3]

This is just the start. We need to fight back.


Join the resistance

We must reverse these cuts and unite around our public services.

We must speak out for our schools, our hospitals, and our libraries.

At the Robin Hood Tax Campaign we will be joining with trade unions and aid agencies to make the case for progressive taxes on the banks and on the profiteers of this pandemic.

Can you help us power up a pushback against austerity round 2?

Join the resistance and support us today.