Bail out our communities

Bail out our communities
June 8th 2020 /   

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The crisis will change everything.

Author and climate justice commentator Naomi Klein reminds us that in crises a window of possibility opens up in which policies that were not expected to happen may suddenly occur.

These policies can change society in fair ways, with community placed centre stage - like Amsterdam embracing ‘doughnut economics’ to put human and environmental well being ahead of growth - or they can continue to allow the 1% with twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people to get ever richer.

That’s why we’re pushing for the Robin Hood Tax on the financial sector, for long-term, sustainable funding for our NHS, and to aid in COVID-19 economic recovery.


Polluting industries - fossil fuels and unsustainable biofuels from burning woodland - have been receiving bailouts for years: subsidies. In the US, oil, gas, and coal receive around $20 billion a year, whilst in the UK, Biofuel Watch report that in 2019, ‘Drax cashed in on £2.36 million in subsidies every single day, of which £2.1 million were renewable energy subsidies for burning wood, and the remainder for burning coal. Meanwhile, subsidies for genuinely renewable and low carbon onshore wind and solar power have been slashed across the UK.’

Whilst, after the financial crash, UK banks were bailed out but still doled out £16bn in bonuses in 2008.

We cannot allow those institutions who have benefitted from huge state bailouts - the polluters and the bankers - to get away without paying their fair share.


It is our communities that need bailing out.


Those communities have pulled together to support each other through this crisis, with mutual aid groups springing up in huge numbers all over the country. Now we must have the courage to insist on rebuilding an economy with fairness and public services at its heart.

COVID-19 has had a huge economic impact and those who can afford to - like the financial sector - should be made to pay to help us recover. The poorest must not be handed any more burden from this crisis, whether that be a fall in wages, more cuts to public services, or an increase in the wealth inequality gap between rich and poor.


The Robin Hood Tax could right now be paying for beds and staff in our NHS, and in the longer term contribute to a just economic recovery, alongside greater taxation of wealth and clamping down on corporate tax avoiders.

Sign and share for the Robin Hood Tax, to:

  • refuse a return to austerity
  • fund our NHS
  • support our economic recovery

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