Bill Nighy launches our latest campaign: The Time is Now

Bill Nighy launches our latest campaign: The Time is Now
May 20th 2016 / 
Robin Hood

This week, Robin Hood Tax legend Bill Nighy helped us launch our latest campaign: The Time Is Now. With ten European countries looking to introduce a Robin Hood Tax, we need them to keep their promise of delivering an ambitious deal by this Summer.

Bill - star of Love Actually and Pride (as well as Robin Hood Tax films The Banker and Future News) - has backed us since our launch. Today he joined us in sending a personalised message to these leaders on why The Time Is Now for a small tax on the banks that could raise billions for people and planet:

“A recent and extraordinary development is the fact that inequality is now front page news.

Tax avoidance too is now one of the biggest issues being discussed. The Prime Minister has prioritised it to the point of recently hosting an anti-corruption summit.

Some years ago, ten countries responded to a simple idea, the Financial Transactions Tax or the Robin Hood Tax. This tax represents a brilliant opportunity to redress the violent disparity between the rich and the poor.

In June those countries should finally introduce the necessary legislation to make this real.

They have a chance to make a profound and historic change in the way we order a chronically imbalanced world.”


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