Come and Gamble at the Bankers’ Billion Pound Pop-Up Casino

Come and Gamble at the Bankers’ Billion Pound Pop-Up Casino
June 10th 2011 / 
Robin Hood

Come and gamble in the Bankers’ Billion Pound Pop-Up Casino.

Casino bankers have wreaked havoc with the lives of millions of people in the UK and around the world through their reckless gambling.

As the City’s finest meet on 15th June for the annual Mansion House bankers’ banquet to celebrate their profits and bonuses, come and help us set up our very own super casino opposite to remind them that there are real life consequences to their reckless game.

A giant casino table, chips and a towering image by renowned artist Peter Kennard will fill the Royal Exchange whilst casino bankers place multi-billion pound bets on a game of roulette they are guaranteed to win. Croupiers will take your bets on teachers and nurses that have no choice but to gamble their jobs away in a game they cannot control.

We need your help to send a reminder that financial sector profits and pay come at a high price. Nurses and teachers’ jobs, libraries and many thousands of lives in poorer countries are all at risk thanks to the bankers who will be inside quaffing champagne…

Join us at 12 noon on 15th June for a lunchtime of betting, winning and losing, drama and Buck’s Fizz.  We’ll have a life-size roulette board, chips, games and more.

You can participate as:

A banker: Place the bets and gamble with the fortunes of millions.

A health worker: Stand on the roulette table and find out how your job survives the bets.

A public sector worker: A teacher, librarian, council official – we’re all affected. Step on the roulette board and let the bankers decide your fate.

A mortgage owner: Good luck!

Gambling tourists: Visors, tourist hat, bum bag and monopoly money at the ready.

Spectators: We need you to cheer on the gamblers.

Croupiers: Come and help set up the games and reward the winners and losers.

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