Climate Change in the UK

Is climate change in the UK real? Do you remember the floods in Cumbria in 2015/16? The lives of many in the UK were devastated overnight. Experts predict this extreme weather is only the beginning. And this isn’t just happening on our doorstep – it’s happening all around the world.

But if you live in a poor community in a poor country they’ll be no search and rescue helicopters, limited government capacity to re-home you and little to no support for you to rebuild your life, and your community, when the floods do recede.

Everyone, everywhere deserves to have a good life and we need to protect the planet for the future. That means the rules need to change – the economy needs to work for not against the people and the planet. We need to take action now to ensure the future of the planet, for our future children.

We need a Robin Hood Tax to help fund the support that people need in natural disasters and the resources people need to thrive despite climate change in the long term.

Has your council signed up to support the Robin Hood Tax?

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