Public Services & Welfare

The banking crisis hit the UK hard. We lost jobs and public services that are vital to sustain our local economies and communities. Investment and support for local business could help to ease the pinch we’ve all been feeling.

The politicians have shifted the debate from how we deal with the economic crisis – to reducing the debt by public spending and services. But in order for Britain to emerge successfully from this recession we need to strengthen and maintain our public services.

For those who have lost their jobs in the recession we need to ensure the safety nets are designed to help in the best way possible. The Universal Credit taper rate is now 63%, so keeping 37 pence in every pound earned – hardly motivation. It is vital that people are always better off in work. We urgently need to invest in the system so it stops trapping people and offers support instead.

We need to speak up - cuts are not the only way. And while the blame for the economic crisis lies largely at the door of the banks they must be part of the solution.

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