Released: ‘One Million Strong’ petition for a Robin Hood Tax

Friday, September 11, 2015

For immediate release:

‘One Million Strong’ petition for a Robin Hood Tax 

Organisations from across Europe have collected over a million calls of support for a Robin Hood Tax. The petition’s release is designed to put pressure on the finance ministers of countries implementing the financial transaction tax as they meet this Saturday (12th September) to discuss, and potentially agree, details of the proposal. 

This huge show of public support from across Europe is a timely reminder that ministers need to implement the boldest possible tax with revenue allocated to tackle poverty and climate change in Europe and around the world.

In the UK the petition will be handed in to the Treasury with a call for George Osborne to drop his opposition and join in with major countries like Germany, France, Italy, Spain and others who are committed to introducing this tax. 

David Hillman, spokesperson for the Robin Hood Tax, said: 

“The momentum for a Robin Hood Tax continues to build – as European nations agree the details, they must stand firm in the face of fierce lobbying from the financial sector. This could be the most popular tax in history. 

“It’s outrageous that the UK government has set itself in opposition to this proposal that could raise billions of pounds a year. Much of the rest of Europe has committed to ensuring their financial sectors pay for the economic and social damage they caused – we must do the same.” 

For more information contact:

Simon Chouffot: 07725 879 580 [email protected]

Notes to editors:

* The figures are based on individual actions taken in support of the Robin Hood Tax through various petitions since 2009. It is possible that individuals took more than one action. The figures are summarised in the table below:


Expressions of support:

Oxfam (petitions hosted in Germany, France & Spain)


Steuer Gegen Armut


Robin Hood Tax (UK)




Sum Of Us


One Campaign


Make Finance Work


Million Strong online petition




* Finance ministers of the eleven countries implementing the financial transaction tax will meet this Saturday morning in Luxembourg ahead of the informal ECOFIN meeting. Details on the scope and collection mechanisms for the tax are due to be discussed. 

* The Robin Hood Tax campaign is a coalition of 120 UK organisations including Barnardo’s, Comic Relief, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, Stamp Out Poverty, the TUC and UNISON:

* The campaign has more than 250,000 supporters and is endorsed by over 1,000 economists.

* The campaign is calling for financial transaction taxes to help tackle poverty and climate change, at home and abroad