The Robin Hood Taxes: Powered by the People



The Original Robin Hood Tax:

Let’s rebuild an economy with fairness and public services at its heart.

The financial sector must pay their fair share in building back better.

Chip in now to get the Robin Hood Tax on banks into UK law!

The New Robin Hood Tax:

Fossil fuel companies profit off the destruction of our planet and are raking in eye-watering profits due to global rising gas prices.

With skyrocketing energy bills, families are being forced to choose between heating and eating .

We need a windfall tax on fossil fuel profits to help the most vulnerable pay for their bills amidst the cost of living scandal, investment in energy efficiency measures and renewable energy! .

The Robin Hood Tax is committed to fighting for those on the sharp end of crises, including the greater taxation of polluters and the end to new oil and gas extraction so we can secure a safe and liveable future. Together, let's make polluters pay.

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