Explosive Secrets Revealed

Explosive Secrets Revealed
September 25th 2020 /   

A major leak reveals the banks have been moving dirty money for major criminal networks.

Banks have blood on their hands.

They’ve been moving dirty money for gangsters, Russian oligarchs, and even funders of terrorism.

Thousands of documents leaked from the US Treasury reveal corruption on an industrial scale, involving HSBC, Barclays and many more banks!

The City of London is central to these global dodgy dealings.

One rule for them, another for us.

Ordinary people struggling to make ends meet get fined for exceeding their overdraft limit and face endless security checks to carry out basic transactions whilst secretive firms fronting the money for organised crime get waved through the banking system, laundering billions.

Let's clean up our financial system.

You already know that Robin brings in major revenue - £25 billion over every five year course of a Parliament in fact!

But Robin also shines a spotlight.

When banks are made to pay their fair share in taxes their activities are made far more transparent.

With a Robin Hood Tax, financial authorities can better see what banks are up to.

How many leaks do there need to be for the message to get through?

The finance industry needs to be cleaned up now.