Fund our NHS with a Robin Hood Tax


To fund our NHS and build back better 

Those who can afford the most, should pay the most

Tell Rishi Sunak to bring in the Robin Hood Tax now


To: Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer


We welcome the steps you have taken to protect millions of jobs at this time.


To rebuild our economy, we urge you to look to those most able to pay to make the greatest contribution, particularly through a Robin Hood Tax on financial transactions.*


Extending the current UK tax on share transactions to include bonds and derivatives would generate an extra £4.7 billion a year; £23.5 billion over the course of a parliament, to help fund our NHS and pay towards the economic recovery.


Now is the time to introduce the Robin Hood Tax.


Fund our NHS with a Robin Hood Tax

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This petition will close on July 5th.

*The Robin Hood Tax is a modest charge on transactions conducted principally by financial firms - rather than ordinary individuals - on products such as bonds and derivatives. It would generate billions in extra revenue to fund public services. Since the financial markets are automated, the tax is inexpensive to implement and difficult to avoid.