Great Supporters. Great ideas. Great Day

Great Supporters. Great ideas. Great Day
August 10th 2011 / 
Robin Hood

To make things happen we have to make things. So two weeks ago the Robin Hood Tax campaign hosted an innovation day to bring together some creative, technical and interesting minds to work for one day to help think of some great campaigning ideas.  There was a fantastic mix of skills and interests in the room, reflected in the two great ideas that came out of the day.  Now we really want to work to make these ideas happen, and we need your help.

What's Next?

Download the pdf below and check out the great ideas.

Take a read of the two ideas listed. Add in your own thoughts / comments / ideas in the comments below.

Help make them happen. This could be anything from offering to do some creative design work, research, proof reading or crucially helping promote the ideas when they're completed. If you'd like to be involved in this process, email us and we'll be in touch to let you know how and when you can help.


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