Make Polluters Pay!

Make Polluters Pay!
October 14th 2020 / 
Robin Hood

Today we launch a brand new campaign!

Today we launch our campaign for a brand new Robin Hood Tax. This time on a different industry.

As well as campaigning to tax the fat cats of finance, we're now taking on the fossil fuel giants to get compensation for communities struck by the floods, droughts and wildfires of the climate crisis. 

Check out our new campaign website:


So the Robin Hood Tax now has two active campaigns

The spirit of both is the same: fighting to make industries who have plunged people into crisis pay up to right the wrongs they have caused; and to redistribute revenue from those who can afford it to those in need.


Keen Bean Klaxon! In the coming weeks we're reaching out to recruit a group of active volunteer campaigners ready to bring our new Robin Hood campaign to the your MPs, the Chancellor, even the Prime Minister. We'll be there to support you - you don't need to be an expert. Watch this space!

For now, though...