Mini-Budget Statement: Pay with a Robin Hood Tax!

Mini-Budget Statement: Pay with a Robin Hood Tax!
July 9th 2020 /   

Yesterday, in his mini-budget, the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, continued to push the new normal: more government spending to rebuild our economy.

As nurses campaign for higher wages, and people across the country suffer from COVID-19, the undertaxed bankers who were bailed out with billions ten years ago are being protected from paying their fair share. No Robin Hood Tax (despite our special delivery)! 

The Chancellor announced many schemes, worth billions of pounds. He could fund two of them in their entirety - investment in youth and green home improvements - with just one year of the Robin Hood Tax on banks!

We'll be piling on the pressure before the next budget.

Please, support our work or, if you are in Rishi Sunak’s constituency and would like to help us campaign for the Robin Hood Tax to be in the autumn budget, please email us.


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