No More Games!

No More Games!
June 11th 2015 / 

Yesterday, in preparation for George Osborne’s annual speech to senior bankers at Mansion House, the Robin Hood Tax got the party started early. Surrounded by Monopoly houses and hotels and bags of loot, three bankers invited the Chancellor to join them. 

In the heart of the City of London, our bankers (chugging on champagne) surrounded George, poured bubbly down his throat and tried to fill his hands and pockets with spare £50s. With a Get Out Of Jail Free card to hand, the Chancellor was left to ponder whether he should let the bankers get away with it for another year or make them pay their fair share.

As crimes in the financial sector go unpunished and the public is left to foot the bill for banking excesses, we need decisive action from our government. With £12bn in cuts to welfare and frontline services down the line, will George Osborne ensure that the banks - who caused the crisis - contribute towards cleaning up the mess they made of the economy?

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