In Response to RBS' secret 'Dash for Cash' scheme

Monday, October 10, 2016

Reacting to the news of RBS's secret scheme to squeeze struggling small businesses in order to boost their bonuses and profits, David Hillman spokesperson for the Robin Hood Tax campaign said:

“What is so utterly reprehensible is how callous RBS has been. It's certainly a far-cry from the trusted banking system of times past. Its shameful 'dash for cash' has betrayed and destroyed many of the small businesses the bank was meant to protect.

"People’s lives have been ruined as a result. The government must make sure RBS cleans up its act, and quickly. One way would be to tax the bank more and invest the extra money into communities damaged by the fallout from such bad banking behaviour."


For more information please contact Asha Tharoor on or 07813 688680

Notes to Editors

1. Full BBC story on RBS files ahead of a Newsnight investigation airing 10.10.16

2.The Robin Hood Tax campaign is a coalition of 120 UK organisations including Barnardo’s, Comic Relief, Oxfam, Friends of the Earth, Stamp Out Poverty and UNISON:

3.The campaign has more than 250,000 supporters and is endorsed by over 1,000 economists.The campaign is calling for financial transaction taxes to help tackle poverty and climate change, at home and abroad.