Robin builds back our NHS

Robin builds back our NHS
May 18th 2020 /   

The tax on banks is back.

To fund our NHS for good.

The Robin Hood Tax Campaign was set up to support communities facing the financial crisis of 2008.

Today Robin can help us with the health crisis we are facing.


We Planned to Tax the Polluters

Rewind to earlier this year, and we were gearing up to respond to another crisis - climate breakdown.

We were preparing to launch a brand new Robin Hood Tax campaign on fossil fuel companies... but COVID-19 had other plans for Robin.

After over 90% of you agreed to a shift to climate pre-COVID-19 we will not be abandoning the launch of a brand new Robin Hood Tax on the extraction of fossil fuels.

But right now, it is evident to us that the time is ripe for us to return our focus to the original campaign - to tax the banks!


The Time is Now

We are at a time of huge shift in what's possible in government policy.

We have an amazing opportunity to get the Robin Hood Tax on banks brought in!

The government could be bringing in £4.7 billion extra a year to invest in the long term funding of our health service.  That’s the best part of £23.5 billion gained over the course of each parliament, generated by simply modernising the existing tax on purchasing shares.


Fund Our NHS

Our NHS staff are leading our community’s journey through this, working flat out in a health service decimated by ten years of austerity.

The need for better funding was clear before this virus, but the need for a strong health service should now be more evident than ever to decision makers.

It’s clear: we need to build back better after COVID-19.

That means fair wages for NHS staff and funding the services which we all rely on for our health.

Just one month of the Robin Hood Tax would pay for:

    •    2,000 doctors

    •    8,500 nurses

    •    2mn sets of personal protective equipment.

Act Together

Through the suffering of this crisis we can pull together to make a huge push for a Robin Hood Tax.

Whilst some prominent figures are already calling for a return to austerity we need to keep making the case for the need to fund our public services.

Look out for our petition to Rishi Sunak on our Facebook page (make our page appear first on your news feed to make sure you don’t miss it).

We can and must rebalance the economy for the long term - this wave of coronavirus won’t be the last time our country faces a crisis.

Let’s build back better with a Robin Hood Tax on banks.