Robin Hood Tax's brand new video with climate strikers!

Robin Hood Tax's brand new video with climate strikers!
March 18th 2020 /   

Fossil fuel companies continue to rake in trillions worldwide from the oil, gas and coal that is burning up our planet.

Meanwhile, the world’s poorest people are fighting to deal with the climate crisis but not getting anything like the necessary financial support.

We can change this, in 2020, at the UN climate conference by pushing world leaders for a brand new Robin Hood Tax!

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Fossil fuels are responsible for a major part of climate change, and the companies that extract them, such as Exxon and Shell, have covered up the climate change they cause since at least the 1980s.

Polluters should pay for the damage they have caused to our planet.

Meanwhile communities hit by storms, drought and floods urgently need funding.

We've got a solution - a NEW Robin Hood Tax on the companies extracting fossil fuels, to fund communities suffering in the climate emergency.

For too long fossil fuel companies have got away with not paying their bill for the climate damage they have caused.

Time for that to change.

Let's launch a brand new Robin Hood Tax on polluters!