Take $100 billion from banks: top economists tell Finance Ministers

Take $100 billion from banks: top economists tell Finance Ministers
July 9th 2021 / 

Today, as G20 finance chiefs gathered in Venice, Robin delivered this letter from more than 100 major economists, urging them to immediately introduce a Robin Hood Tax on banks to help cover the costs of the post-pandemic recovery.

Robin’s list of signatories spanned every continent and included renowned US economist Jeffrey Sachs, and France’s Gabriel Zucman.

The urgent appeal from such highly regarded experts was covered in the Guardian and leading French paper, Le Monde.

The pandemic has multiplied existing inequalities both at home and abroad. Health systems have been brought to their knees; economies shutdown; livelihoods deteriorated and loved ones lost. But whilst wealthier nations begin to regenerate due to accelerated vaccine rollouts, poorer nations, already seriously burdened by debt, are being forced to make life and death choices between servicing their debt and the provision of healthcare for their citizens.

If the G20 implemented a Robin Hood Tax on banks, an additional $100 billion could be generated every year to help nations support their people’s health and livelihoods, address the devastating impacts of a warming planet, and prepare for future pandemics.

Amplifying this letter is a crucial step in our plan to make those who can afford to - pay the most.

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