Watch this space – Robin Hood coming to a local council near you

Watch this space – Robin Hood coming to a local council near you
January 4th 2013 / 
Robin Hood

We have a trick or two up our sleeve for 2013. 2012 saw at least 11 European countries pushing ahead with a Financial Transaction Tax. But we know we have further to go in the UK, so it's time for some fresh approaches.

What next?

In the coming weeks and months we're stepping up the pressure in communities up and down the country. We want to persuade local councils to back the Robin Hood Tax. We want Robin Hood Tax flags to be flying from every town hall in the land. Ok, we may not get them all, but we'll send a reminder to the Government that Britain is bigger than the Square Mile of the City of London.

What next?

In the coming weeks and months, local councils across the UK will have the chance to pass a motion in support of a Financial Transaction Tax - as well as calling on the UK Government to support the idea. But to make this happen we need your support. We want Local Councils all over the UK to show the Government we mean business.

Why local Government?

Locally, we have all felt the effect of the cuts - whether it be through the 10,000 teachers, 6,800 police officers or 5780 nurses who have lost their jobs since the general election, the withdrawal of Educational Maintenance Allowance for our young, or the closure of hundreds of Sure Start centres across the country. Local Councils have had to bear 28% in cuts – they are doing their best in these diffiuclt times circumstances, but we think they should be given a helping hand. 

Enter the Financial Transaction Tax

By passing a motion in favour of the Robin Hood Tax, your local council would give a clear sign that it is against the current austerity measures, and is prepared to help shape an alternative.

 A tiny tax on a small area of the financial sector is a much more fair way to raise £20bn a year for a crisis that it played a part in - rather than cutting vital public services. Ordinary people in the UK, and the poorest around the globe, should not have to pay for the actions of reckless traders. £20bn of new revenue would be a great start to ensure they don’t have to.

We're currently working on putting everything you might possibly need together. So, watch this space - the Robin Hood Tax is coming to a town hall near you.

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