The financial crisis has driven millions of people into poverty and put many more at risk as the world's poorest countries scramble to fill huge budget holes with dwindling help from richer nations. Poor people in the UK are also being hit hardest by cuts. Revenue from a Robin Hood Tax could go a long way to helping make the world a fairer place.

In the UK:

  • £120m pays for hospital beds to end the winter bed crisis in our hospitals
  • £180m reverses all the public library closures since the cuts began
  • £350m builds a solar farm to power 100,000 homes
  • £620m could plug this year's adult social care funding gap
  • £870m could plug last year's NHS deficit
  • £2.6bn pays Carer's Allowance to all 800,000 people looking after their loved ones
  • £3bn reverses the current round of education spending cuts
  • £4.6bn builds half the new homes needed every year - and makes sure they are affordable

Around the world:    

  • £380m builds flood defences in Bangladesh against rising sea levels, protecting a quarter of a million people's lives
  • £1.4bn pays for life-saving treatment for all people living with HIV who are currently missing out
  • £3.3bn sends 1 million children to primary school for a year who currently miss out