The Australian campaign launched in March 2010 and the coalition includes international development groups, unions, environmental groups and public policy think tanks. The campaign has attracted high profile support from Peter Singer, Professor John Langmore and Julian Morrow. Plus finance experts such as former Treasurer Ralph Willis and former Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank Stephen Grenville.

The Australian campaign believes a Robin Hood Tax could help make financial markets more stable and efficient and that any revenues raised should be used to help the poor and the planet.

Despite the campaign enjoying popular support the government is yet to support a FTT but they may prove more willing if Europe moves to implement its own tax on the banks. The Australian campaign is prepared to get bigger and louder to push for a Robin Hood Tax.

In November 2014, campaigners from New South Wales Midwives and Nurses Association held stunts outside the G20 in Canberra to put the world's most popular tax in front of the world's leaders.


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